Q & A
Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. This is the place to check for information on our products and services. If you can't find what you're looking for, we welcome you to contact us directly. All inquiries are kept confidential.
Why do I need a DNA test?
DNA testing is used for many reasons such as:
  • Establishing paternity for unknown paternal questions
  •  Completion of the Acknowledgement of Paternity or Affidavit of Paternity
  • Child support or child custody claims
  • Social Security or other benefits if the alleged father is deceased
  •  Inheritance claims
  •  Immigration
  •  Adoption
  •  Native American tribe enrollment
  •  Eliminate family rumors
  •  Forensic testing for criminal purposes
  •  Answer ancestry questions
  •  Medical diagnostics
  •  Test for twins
  •  Sibling DNA test
  •  Half-sibling DNA test
  •  Zygosity test
  •  And more
Call and we will discuss your personal situation.

What about $79 paternity tests?
These tests can be more expensive in the long run. Courts do not recognize these tests because the testing could be done outside industry protocols. Many times these tests are done by inexperienced staff which could lead to results being interpreted incorrectly. If you do require legal testing, further testing would be ordered incurring additional fees. It makes sense, therefore, to have the correct test done professionally and accurately the first time around. Our Case Mangers/Collectors are fully trained in Chain of Custody protocols and can assist you in selecting the right test for you personal needs.

Do I need to wait for the baby to be born to have a paternity test done?
Prenatal testing can be done as early as the 10th week of pregnancy and as late as the 24th week. Chorionic villi sampling (CVS) in which cells are collected from the placenta or an amniocentesis can be performed to collect loose fetal cells to be used in a DNA paternity test.

Please note that there are slight medical risks for these invasive procedures and they must be performed by a medical professional. We encourage you to talk with your medical professional to determine if you should attempt these types of procedures. With these procedures, a medical professional collects the baby's sample and our professional collector obtains the mother's and alleged father's DNA samples.

How do you collect my sample?
The sample collection procedure we use is painless. We use four buccal cheek swabs to collect DNA samples inside the individual's cheek. As previously mentioned, the procedure is painless. If the alleged father is deceased and a blood sample is available from the medical examiner or funeral home we can test the sample to see if DNA is present. We can use cheek swabs if the body is available at the funeral home as well.

Drug testing collections are usually performed using oral fluids. Discuss your specific need with your Case Manager.

Does Insurance pay for DNA testing?
DNA testing is generally not covered by medical insurance. If there is a question concerning paternity it is important to have the correct paternal medical history for the child.

How long before I have my results?
For a standard paternity test we can provide an answer in as little three business days. Rush options are available. For other types of DNA testing, the length of time varies depending on the samples we submit for testing. This will be discussed with you by your personal Case Manager.

What if the potential father lives in another city or state?
We have a network of collectors available who are familiar with Chain of Custody test protocols. Separate appointments can be made for any tested party who lives in a different location.

Do you perform DNA testing for siblings?
Yes. We can provide a DNA test for siblings and, depending on your needs, we can also perform an identical twin test or fraternal twin test (also called twin zygosity test).

What about your lab qualifications?
For DNA and drug testing, our labs our fully accredited for family relationship and forensic testing procedures that are necessary. In addition they meet accreditation and government requirements for immigration testing procedures and U.S. Department of Homeland Security requirements.

What are the qualifications of your collectors?
Our professional collectors are fully trained in the collection process. They are fully trained and certified for Chain of Custody protocols or Peace of Mind collections for DNA and drug testing.

Why select one of our associated offices?
Our offices are locally owned by individuals who serve their communities. When you call one of our offices you are assigned a personal Case Manager who will schedule your appointment, collect your sample or arrange all sample collections and provide you with your test result. If you ever have questions during the testing process, your personal Case Manager is only a phone call away. We make every attempt to bring you the latest in DNA and drug testing services. Call us to discuss your individual requirements.

Do you have payment plans?
We can set up a payment plan option with you. We encourage you to discuss how you want to pay for the test with your personal, dedicated Case Manger. Internal/lab policy dictates we cannot provide you your test results until all tests are paid in full.

How do I arrange for a test?
Contact us and we will set up an appointment that fits your schedule. If you require an appointment time outside our normal business hours or on a weekend, we will work with you to schedule a convenient appointment.

What are your fees?
Each of our offices are locally owned and operated. Being community based businesses, we have combined our resources to provide quality services and products that are of superior value for our clients. We guarantee the fee we quote is the fee you pay. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Other Questions?
We welcome you to call us anytime. Inquiries are always confidential. Remember, we are here to help you find answers to your questions. A dedicated and personal Case Manager will work with you to find The Truth. Indisputable.